Small Town Spotlight: Cape Charles, VA

If you take US -13 through Virginia’s Eastern Shore, you will be greeted with endless farm land sprinkled with firework stands and roadside stores boasting the best ham and peanuts in the state, all the makings of a perfect road trip. But if you make one quick turn, in less than a mile you will be completely engrossed in the quaint southern charm of the small coastal town of Cape Charles. Set on the Chesapeake Bay, Cape Charles offers endless beaches, shopping, and some of the freshest seafood you will ever eat, all while keeping the small town vibe alive. Your first stop should be Mason Avenue. Grab a cup at Cape Charles Coffee House to get your day started then make your way to The Boardwalk and Chuckletown Productions to pick up a few beach gifts and get decked out head to toe in everything Cape Charles.


Seriously if you think a t-shirt is the best way to commemorate a trip and also slip in a subtle brag that your weekend was amazing like we do, then Chuckletown can do no wrong.

Now that you are looking like your best beach-ready self, walk a few stores down to Gull Hummock Gourmet Market to pick up some tasty beach snacks from local small batch artisans. Cape Charles’ own Sweet Annie’s Chocolates does not dissapoint. There is something very right about enjoying sea salt pretzel bark just steps away from the beach. And speaking of the beach; there are two ways you can do this. The obvious choice being to keep walking down Mason. There you go- beach and lots of it. But if you like your beach a little less crowded like us, then your best bet will be to make the quick drive down to Kiptopeke State Park.


Now aside from having more elbowroom, Kiptopeke Beach has some views you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else, due in part to the Concrete Ships. Now without getting into a history lesson, the concrete ships were partially sunk right of shore in the late 40’s to protect the old ferry that use to operate in the area.


Now due to the ships you will not find much in the way of waves, but hey! It’s Virginia and there were never that many waves to begin with. But what it lacks in waves, it more than makes up for in wildlife.



*Pro-tip from an unprofessional*
For those of you that enjoy exploring abandoned places, Cape Charles hosts a handful of great abandoned old trains. Having said that we are not sure exploring these things is all too legal as it probably falls in that whole trespassing thing. But if you are feeling lucky it’s worth it.


So if you couldn’t tell, we really enjoyed the little slice of coastal living that is Cape Charles and we can’t wait to return to see what other hidden gems this city has to offer.

What’s your favorite small town? Let us know in the comments!

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