Quick Bites: Virginia Beach, VA

Sofrito Virginia Beach, VA Sofrito.com If you are in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater/Coastal Virginia area (whatever they are calling it these days) and like us you love a good food truck, then you need to find Sofrito. The truck can normally be found at The Hub food truck park in Virginia Beach as part of Eat … Continue reading Quick Bites: Virginia Beach, VA

A travel lesson in history: Gettysburg, PA.

Gettysburg – Now we know what you are thinking...Civil War! History class! Blah! Blah! And for the most part you are right. Most of us are familiar with Gettysburg because of the massive part it played in the Civil War and thus in American history. But a trip to Gettysburg can be so much more … Continue reading A travel lesson in history: Gettysburg, PA.