Food Tour: Kaua’i, HI (Part 1)

Hawai'i is home to some of the world's greatest foods and the garden isle of Kaua'i is no exception. In part 1 of this food tour of the island we will share 5 of our favorite places.  Be on the lookout for 5 more coming very soon in part 2. We are starting off with … Continue reading Food Tour: Kaua’i, HI (Part 1)

Shop Local: Johnny Cupcakes

This visit was literally years in the making. I have been buying Johnny Cupcakes shirts online and at pop-up shops since maybe 2005ish... starting with the original black and white cupcake and crossbones. Over the years, I have grown a collection of 50+ shirts, underwear, coffee mugs, pillows, and even a snow tube! So you … Continue reading Shop Local: Johnny Cupcakes