Eat Local: Lindos, Greece

Lindos is the charming white-washed town that all of your Greek Island dreams are made of and that charm includes its people – and that’s how we ended up at Mario’s. We had spent the day exploring the never ending streets and enjoying the views from the acropolis and we had worked up an appetite. It was at this point we turned a corner and there standing outside of his shop was Mario. After a quick chat we were sitting down and had already ordered a handful of dishes.

The Halloumi came out first and since it is already one of our all-time favorites, we knew this would not disappoint. The firm, salty cheese was grilled to perfection and had that incredible teeth squeak that we all want from a good piece of Halloumi.


When in Greek you eat fries – it’s just the way it is! Now, we are not complaining because the Greeks do fries right. So when Mario was offering up a Cheese Fries Gyro there was no way we could say no! We have no idea if this is a common thing in Greece, but if not, it should be.


You also have to get the Moussaka. The moussaka in Greece is different from others around the world, but it’s oh so good. Eggplant, mince meat, tomato, and topped with a rich Béchamel then baked to a golden perfection! img_0445

Mario’s is a little off of the main roads and it is tucked away in a quite side street away from the souvenir shops and over priced shops. This is the place to get a great meal and meet some amazing locals.

Mario’s Grill Bar
Lindos 851 07

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