Last Meal with: Jaz in London

We are really excited to kick off our new series “Last Meal with…” where we talk with travelers to find out more about them and the city they call home. We ask the question, “If you had to leave your city and never come back, what is the last meal you would eat before you go?”

We’re starting off by talking to Jaz- a full time travel blogger, artist, and real estate agent who’s traveled to over 21 countries and counting!

So Jaz, London is one of our favorite cities so we’re thrilled to be introducing our new series here. Onto the big question…your last meal- what would it be? 

If I had to choose one last meal in the city of London, it would be Shikumen in Shepherds Bush.

You know Shepherds Bush is an area we haven’t spent much time in but would really love to explore more. Ok, you’re in Shikumen. What are you ordering? 
My meal of choice would be dim-sum or their delicious egg fried rice.
That sounds incredible right now! So what is it about Shikumen that draws you in and makes it worthy of your last meal in London? 
I chose this restaurant because they have the BEST egg fried rice I have ever tasted (and I’ve tried a few). They also have a good selection of dim-sum and the restaurant itself has a very calm and romantic aura throughout!


This sounds like the a perfect last meal. If you find yourself in London, make sure you head to Shikumen and check out the egg fried rice and dim-sum for yourself and if you’re lucky, maybe you will run into Jaz along the way.

A huge thanks to Jaz for letting us in on this London secret! Make sure you go follow Jaz and join her while she explores unique travel destinations, different cultures, and hidden gems in London and the rest of the world!

Check out Jaz on InstagramYouTube, and Facebook.

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