Shop Local: Johnny Cupcakes

This visit was literally years in the making. I have been buying Johnny Cupcakes shirts online and at pop-up shops since maybe 2005ish… starting with the original black and white cupcake and crossbones. Over the years, I have grown a collection of 50+ shirts, underwear, coffee mugs, pillows, and even a snow tube! So you might have guessed that I was a more than a little excited to finally step foot into the holy land: The world’s first t-shirt bakery.


Walking in off the street, you are greeted by a massive oven door that leads you to the wonderland that is Johnny Cupcakes. The walls are filled with retro oven doors that randomly open and produce steam, totally giving off Willy Wonka vibes. The shop has some amazing neon logos and sayings throughout the space and all of the shirts are displayed in industrial glass-front freezers.


The staff was incredibly friendly and provided plenty of suggestions for local places to eat and stay. As we looked around for the perfect Boston themed shirt to commemorate finally making it to Johnny’s shop, you couldn’t help but appreciate the attention to detail that goes into every product, as well as the hint of vanilla in the air. Johnny Cupcakes is a global clothing institution that has amassed a following of people willing to skip the big clothing stores and support a local guy selling playful shirts and accessories for almost two decades.

Johnny Cupcakes
279 Newbury St 
Boston, MA 02116

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