Spring and summer really are the best times for fruit. Juicy watermelon, fragrant peaches, and sweet, succulent berries.

I know my favorite time of year has come back around when I start to see the berries out in displays at the supermarket, and when my mother talks about serving cantaloupe and sliced tomatoes with every meal. That is when I know that the days are getting longer, the air’s getting thicker, and it’s time for the Strawberry Festival.IMG_4146 copy

The Pungo Strawberry Festival ushers in all good things. Well, unless you hate humidity. And if that is the case, you should probably get your tail out of Virginia.

Every year, the Strawberry Festival happens on Memorial Day weekend. It’s a two-day event that includes a pie eating contest, lots of live music, local crafters selling their creations, a petting zoo, and a carnival for the kiddos!IMG_4251 copy

My favorite is the parade, it’s always the parade. I don’t know what it is about parades that I love, they just feel special for some reason. I don’t know if it’s the Shriners in their funny little hats, the marching bands who practiced all month to show off their skills, the proud classic car owners flaunting their prized possessions, or the always awkward/entertaining smattering of local business mascots. Maybe all of the above.

IMG_4202 copy

IMG_4170 copy

And did I mention ALL OF THE STRAWBERRIES. Vendors offer every kind of yummy but terrible-for-you carnival food you can imagine. We indulged in several strawberry treats. Please see below to become super jealous of the best strawberry lemonade you’ve (n)ever had. We also shared a strawberry shortcake that was delish

.IMG_4246 copy

The festival is great because it gives a platform for local farmers to put their best crop forward. A great memory we have is scouring the field for the best looking fruit   in the pick-your-own berry patch. Take a look at our berry “haul”- is that a thing?      IMG_4261 copy

Pungo is pretty much in the middle of nowhere Virginia Beach, but if you happen to find yourself around next year, stay for the Strawberry Festival. I promise you won’t regret it

.IMG_4148 copy

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